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The Bodies Politic: On the Mend

More than 30 years after George Latimer followed Larry Cohen into the mayor's office in St. Paul, he's still on Cohen's trail.
These days, though, its at the Shalom Home nursing facility on Midway Parkway.
mayors.JPG The Scoop went up there Wednesday afternoon to find two of the city's most renowned former mayors recuperating, just a few doors apart in the same wing of the home.
Latimer had a hip replaced last week and is sporting a pair of nifty blue shorts and dashing white support hose.
Cohen is recovering from a fall that resulted in a pretty serious head injury during the winter, although it didn't catch up to him until a Carribean vacation.
Both were in fairly fine fettle when we found them.
"I have a doctor's certification that my brain is in great shape," Cohen said, fingering a surgical scar on his scalp for effect. "You can't say that."
Cohen has lost some weight and we found him walking with a cane, but he went home briefly Wednesday to scope out his Highwood home with an eye toward going home soon.
Latimer, too, needs a little help getting around for the time being, and is using a walker for now. He, too, said he's hoping to go home in the next few days.
Latimer said the Shalom Home has plenty of authority on hand without him, anyway: Cohen is on the home's governing board. "He's the mayor around here," Latimer said.

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