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Expansion Annoucement: As of Monday, April 4th, the Second Judicial District began accepting e-filed documents for the first phase of the e-File & Serve initiative. On Monday, May 23rd, all law firms and agencies are invited to begin electronically filing on all civil cases. New case types eligible to be electronically filed include implied consent cases as well as all other "minor" civil cases types. This includes new case initiation as well as subsequent documents in previously filed cases.

Start using e-File & Serve (for Law Firms ONLY)

Effective Monday, April 18th, the Second Judicial District welcomes all law firms and attorneys to begin e-filing. To start the process: 1) Please choose a firm adminstrator (Administrator Duties document) 2) The firm administrator should watch the training videos. 3) Then, contact the court via email or chat to get registered.

e-Service (for Law Firms ONLY)

-How to Sign up to Receive e-Service instructions

-Sending and Receiving e-Service video

e-file Support

Technical Support: Tyler Technologies 800.297.5377 or

Court Business Support: Please call 651.266.8275

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